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Karongi district committed to supporting the achievements of Prevention +

The vice-mayor in charge of finance and economic development in Karongi district vows that the district and its partners will do their best for the sustainability of the achievements of Prevention+ Project implemented in the district from 2016 to 2020 by Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC).

During these five years of implementation, Prevention+ realized enormous interventions including the establishment of 64 Youth for Change (Y4C) clubs and training both mentors and clubs’ members on adapted program H/M to increase knowledge of young boys and girls on gender equality promotion, GBV prevention and SRHR skills. It also worked with the community by building the capacity of 4,517 community facilitators and local leaders to support all members of the community.

Speaking at the Prevention + Project closing event held in the Karongi district conference hall on October 22, 2020, Théophile NIRAGIRE, vice-mayor in charge of finance and economic development in Karongi, pledged that the district would keep alive the achievements of the project which has been very useful in reducing gender-based violence and increasing good understanding between men and women.

“The issues of polygamy and GBV in Karongi will soon be a history because of the education provided by RWAMREC,” proudly said Mukase Valentine, the Karongi district’s vice-mayor in charge of social affairs.

The project whose achievements were handed over to the district for follow up and sustainability contributed to creation of a gender-just society by transforming harmful social norms that drive GBV; and ensured that these changes are rooted in a legal system that supports them.

Implemented by RWAMREC in collaboration with Promundo and Karongi District, it aimed at building a Rwandan society that promotes the principle of equality and combating sexual violence, changing attitudes towards gender-based violence.

Handing over prevention + key documents to the Karongi district as a reference for sustainability and continuation of activities, Venant Nzabonimana, President of RWAMREC thanked the project beneficiaries for their time and the district for energizing support and collaboration throughout the implementation period.

Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC) was created in 2006 by 9 men. The organization aims to address issues of negative masculine behaviors and gender inequalities in order to promote healthy families, men’s welfare, women’s rights and men’s well-being. The organization also aims to prevent gender-based violence, and related consequences including HIV/AIDS, health, high rates of demographic growth, poverty and environmental issues.


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